How to work on a marriage

Hello and welcome to a site that will show you how to work on a marriage. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed at looking at such advice. Many people wait until it is too late, but you've started to take action by looking here so well done to you!

Here you'll find resources that will help you in your marriage. Never look at problems within your marriage as failures, but rather areas that need improvement or attention.

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When it comes to marriage you are not alone when you feel the need to work on your marriage. For many couples they soon discover that marriage takes a lot of work and commitment from both parties. Yes marriage is challenging and can also be frightening to some. You do have to consider why more than half of all first marriages end in divorce. And over 50 percent of second marriages fail also.

So what is the secret to a marriage that has couples who cannot live with each other or couples that are inseparable? In pursuit to discover how to work on a marriage one has to start by looking at the fruits of a good marriage.

Short overview of a good marriage

A good marriage clearly displays an open exchange of love and affection. Contend to each other’s desires and beliefs. And never fails to communicate.
Many will say or think that a happy marriage takes many years to achieve. But this is not necessarily true. Anyone can have a happy marriage, you just need to know precisely how to work on a marriage to make it a happy one. Once you are able to see what a successful marriage is made up of you can check the elements against yours and see where you fall short.
The points made of a good marriage are very brief but let’s look at the recipe of a bad marriage.

Points of a bad marriage

  1. Not having sex. This is a clear indication of a lack of intimacy in a relationship. Some couples have confessed to having only sex as little as once a year.
  2. No real talking. You find that you are reluctant to talk to your partner about personal issues, problems at work, at home, how you feel. This break down in communication and trust.
  3. Not spending time together. You'll find one watching TV while the other is reading. Relaxing in separate rooms or spending more time on the computer. Working exceptionally late, almost avoiding going home are signs of lost interest in each other.
  4. Verbal abuse. When people are unhappy they show it. This can take the form of consistent criticizing or putting the other down. Such harsh judgments are because one is not satisfied.
  5. Failure to agree. Refusing to bend or to succumb to the other’s choice, advice, goals or values unreasonably will break the bond of the marriage.
  6. Depression and stress. Whether you feel the cause is your marriage or outside factors, such experiences can damage your health as well as your marriage. You’ll feel unloved, or feel your partner is emotionally retarded.
  7. Financial strains. When couples hit financial difficulties this is one of the main reasons why marriages end up in divorce. Arguments such as over spending, one bringing in the income and the other isn’t contributing to the household expenses.
  8. The only one trying. You feel that you are the only one putting effort into the marriage and you’re hitting an emotional brick wall. Frustration is the only emotion you personally experience and slowly adopt the blame culture that everything is your spouses fault.

Once you learn how to work on a marriage and what keeps a marriage florishing you'll be able to apply new methods to mend or improve your marriage and live happily ever after. You'll also find that it is not as impossible as you might think.